The Northern New England Conference (NNEC) – comprised of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine – serves a population that is the most post-Christian in North America. Almost 60 percent of the population has no relationship with or regard for God or with any church. Compare this to, say, Memphis Tennessee at 18 percent. Precisely because the Christian and post-Christian cultures in this extreme mission field have grown to be so different, with sharply divergent world views, NNEC is approaching this as a cross-cultural challenge. Accordingly, it has forged a training partnership with Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM). The project is based on forming, training and fielding teams of long-term church planters who work together to enter a community, form relationships, engage in discipleship and raise up a community of believers that matures into a church. NNEC is seeking young adults who are called by God to live, work, and labor with a team to raise up believers on a tent-making basis.


To determine where teams might best be fielded, NNEC performed a very simple demographic analysis: it identified each instance where a Walmart store did not have an Adventist church within 10 miles of it. There are 21 such instances that together comprise the initial planting area targets. Teams will choose from among these communities to decide where they want to work. The available communities range from college towns to city areas to rural areas. Almost every community available is set in an amazingly beautiful, four-season area.


The Church Planting Project has already launched and teams are being formed. The process of forming and launching teams will continue through the next five or six years. Those who feel they will be ready to join the project in a year or two are encouraged to find out more about the project now (by clicking on 'Send Me An Information Package' below).


Planters are extensively vetted, then trained and given an opportunity to pick a team to join (or serve as “anchors” and form a team around them). Each team member will possess a specific skill or skills that completes the team. The team process is explained in detail in the detailed information package. Planters are assisted with the economic impact of moving to NNEC through a $600 per month subsidy (couples) or $400 subsidy (singles) each year for the first two years of the project. Planters are extensively supported through a dedicated planter support group made up of experienced missionaries and church planters. Training and continuing education is done with assistance from Adventist Frontier Missions. Planter teams from across the conference are convened regularly to encourage and strengthen each other and to share their experiences. For detailed information about the whole project, click on 'Send Me An Information Package' below.


NNEC seeks dedicated, mission-minded Seventh-day Adventist Christian young adults who are willing to relocate to Northern New England on a tent-making basis and engage in long-term efforts in the most difficult mission field in North America. If the Lord has caused you to be even just curious about this project, please click on “Send Me An Information Package” and we’ll email you a detailed project document that will help you deeply understand the entire project.